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Giswater was presented at TIGSIG Forum 2016

TIGSIG forum 2016 was organized by ACTIG ( Catalan Association of Geographic Information Technologies) and it was held in Barcelona 10th of November.

The main subject of this edition was «GIS in Cloud». During the event, we could enjoy presentations about apps and products based in the cloud computing technology that show what can bring to us this technology in the field of Geospatial Information.



In this occasion, Josep Luís Sala, partner of BGEO and Giswater presented briefly the Giswater tool during the «BITS de SIG» session. Giswater is a free and open source software that permits to connect hydraulic simulation programs (EPANET,SWMM) with geospatial databases and Geographic Information System (GIS).

For more information about the TIGSIG forum 2016, you can consult the website and the Youtube channel of ACTIG.

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