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“Jornadas Técnicas Giswater” with the University of Algarve

The University of Algarve and the Giswater Association held the “Jornadas Técnicas Giswater” on the 15th of December.

This event, carried out in a webinar format, due to the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, had the following program: Presentation of the Journeys, by Rui Lança, professor in the Civil Engineering Department of the Higher Institute of Engineering of the University of Algarve; presentation of the Giswater project (Mission and Overview of the tool), with the intervention of Brauli Moreno, president of the Giswater Association and manager of the company SABEMSA; as well as Xavier Torret and Josep Lluís Sala, partner directors of BGEO OPEN GIS, S.L.

Later, Albert Bofill, GIS analyst at BGEO OPEN GIS, S.L., gave a practical demonstration of Giswater and Soraia Almeida, a senior technician at Inframoura, presented the company’s success story when using the plugin.

The initiative, which also had the support and dissemination of the Order of Engineers – Southern Delegation, involved more than 70 participants who showed interest in new actions related to Giswater.

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